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2019 年最佳智能灯泡(以及开关、灯条、配件等)




智能家居科技 is everywhere these days -- and smart lights that you can automate and control from your phone or with voice commands are one of the 最好的方式得到智能家居潮流. And, with lots and lots of new smart home lighting products hitting the market in 2019, you've got more options than ever. 

Even better: The uptick in competition means that you've got 大量易于负担的选项,太

That includes $8 智能灯泡换色灯泡,每块售价不到25美元, plus 可调光灯开关 and 漂亮的新照明配件 for less than $50 apiece. Willing to splurge a bit? Smart statement pieces from names like 纳米叶 and 利fx promise to cover your walls in color, too. Oh, and by the way, expect to see 更智能的灯板 by the end of this year.

All of those options mean that you've got a lot of products to sort through 准备好进行升级后 -- and that's where we come in. Whether it's bulbs, wall panels, switches, light strips or accessories that you're after, here are all of our top smart lighting picks after years spent testing the things out. 

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披露: CNET may receive a share of revenue from any purchases made via the links on this page. The products recommended are chosen independently by CNET editors. 


最佳白灯智能灯泡 威兹灯泡 每美元8美元,外加运费 与 Alexa、Google 助手和 IFTTT 合作 在线查看
最佳智能泛光灯 LED 飞利浦色调白色 BR30 泛光灯 LED 每人 $20, 或 $2 $35 与苹果家庭基特,亚历克萨,谷歌助手和IFTTT合作 在线查看
最佳变色智能灯泡 利fx迷你LED 每美元 $35 与苹果家庭Kit,亚历克萨,谷歌助理,Cortana和IFTTT合作 在线查看
最佳智能灯条 Lifx Z 多色光条 6.6 英尺起动机套件 90 美元,3.3 英尺扩展 30 美元 与苹果家庭Kit,亚历克萨,谷歌助理,Cortana和IFTTT合作 在线查看
最佳智能开关 卢特龙卡内-墙调光器开关 1 交换机入门套件约 100 美元,每增加一个交换机约 60 美元 与苹果家庭基特,亚历克萨,谷歌助手和IFTTT合作 在线查看
最佳变色墙板 纳米叶画布 9 面板入门套件 200 美元 与苹果家庭基特,亚历克萨,谷歌助手和IFTTT合作 在线查看
最佳智能照明配件 卢特龙奥罗拉调光表盘 每美元 $40 与飞利浦 Hue 配合使用 在线查看
最佳户外智能灯 环形路径灯 2 光入门套件 80 美元 与环摄像头和 Alexa 配合使用 在线查看

事实证明,最便宜的智能灯泡是最好的之一。我说的是来自西雅图的初创公司Wyze Labs的Wyze Bulb,你可以直接从公司网站上以每家8美元的价格,加上运费。每个灯泡内置 Wi-Fi 收音机,您无需将任何额外的集线器硬件插入路由器,以便使用它们或将其连接到 Alexa、Google 助手或 IFTTT。只需拧入它们,打开它们,将它们与 Wyze 应用程序配对,并沐浴在肮脏的廉价智能光的光芒中。

了解更多: 最便宜的智能灯泡 | 2019年可购买的最佳LED泛光灯

除了可笑的便宜,这些东西是相当可怕的好灯泡,太。首先,每种颜色都提供全光谱的白光色温设置,从温暖、蜡烛般的 2,700K 到接近 6,000K 的更热、更白的日光色调。我测试过的其他灯泡,零售价低于20美元可以提供,更不用说零售价低于10美元的灯泡了。最重要的是,Wyze 灯泡是一些我测试过的最亮灯泡,从 880 流明到 921 流明不等,具体取决于您设置的颜色温度。

唯一真正的缺点:Wyze 应用程序提供照明计时器和度假模式,但用于在特定时间安排照明更改的快捷方式功能感觉有点有限。不过,没什么大不了的——您可以使用IFTTT或Alexa或谷歌助手例程来安排自动照明更改。


If you want something a little more advanced than the Wyze Bulb, then consider going with 飞利浦 Hue 灯泡. At $15 each, Philips' 色调白色 LED are a lot more affordable than you might expect, and 最新的蓝牙版本 can pair directly with Alexa or  Google Assistant without need for the Hue Bridge.

Want something more decorative? Hue is starting to release 复古风格的色调白色灯泡 with fake filaments twisted inside (you've probably seen bulbs just like them at your local hipster dive bar). They'd be a good pick for exposed bulb setups where you aren't hiding your light source under a lampshade.




If you prefer Google Assistant, then you might be better off with A C 由 GE 智能灯泡. Maker GE照明是谷歌合作伙伴的制造, and its bulbs are designed to pair seamlessly with your 谷歌家庭智能扬声器 and 谷歌巢中心智能显示器. You don't need a hub, and you don't even need the GE app -- just turn the lights on and sync them with your setup right from the Google Home app. From there, you'll enjoy some of the snappiest and most responsive voice control we've tested.


没有像经典A形智能灯泡那样多的智能泛光灯,但您的选择正在增加。其中包括飞利浦 Hue 的一个相当重要的新添加,该公司最近发布了上述流行的 Hue White 灯泡的泛光灯版本。

了解更多: 应该将哪个 LED 泛光灯悬挂在头顶上?

我喜欢色白色泛光灯,因为所有相同的原因,我喜欢常规大小的灯泡。它明亮高效,经济实惠,是一个非常好的智能照明平台的一部分,可处理一切。与Hue 的其他新灯泡一样,新的泛光灯同时使用蓝牙和 Zigbee,因此您可以跳过 Hue Bridge,直接与您的智能手机或 Alexa 或 Google 配对(如果这是您想要的)。百思买卖单灯泡20美元,两包35美元。


If you're an Alexa user looking for something cheap, then 森莱德 leads the way with a $10 smart floodlight that can pair directly with the Echo Plus(150美元在沃尔玛 or the Echo Show(230美元在亚马逊 (if you don't have one of those, you'll need the Sengled hub plugged into your router).


门廊上的 Lifx Plus LED 帮助这个夜视摄像头看到窗外一个人,否则就看不见了。


Sengled makes floodlights that change colors, too (and obviously, so does Philips Hue). But if it's color bulbs that you want, I say it's worth it to go with 利fx, an Australian startup that routinely aces our color quality tests with bold, bright shades that look terrific. The company's lights all use your Wi-Fi network to talk directly to your router, so they don't need a hub, they come with an excellent, full-featured app and they are compatible with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT right out of the box. 

在百思买,一个变色的Lifx泛光灯在百思买售价为45美元。这并不便宜,但它也比飞利浦Hue的类似泛光灯的价格便宜5美元。Lifx 泛光灯在峰值设置下也比我们迄今为止测试的任何竞争对手都亮几百流明。再加上颜色质量,你正在寻找一个非常值得升级的选择。

You might also consider upgrading to a 利fx加 LED. Along with the colors, the "Plus" part is an extra set of diodes in the bulb that put out invisible infrared light whenever the light is turned off. You can't see that light -- but night vision cameras can, which makes it much, much easier for them to see in the dark, especially at a distance. At a little over $50 each, the floodlight version is expensive, but it might be worth the splurge if you use cameras to keep an eye on things that go bump in the night.




了解更多: 成本低于飞利浦 Hue 的最佳变色智能灯泡

在35美元,利fx迷你是你最便宜的方式。尽管 Mini 品牌,它实际上比飞利浦 Hue 的变色灯泡更亮,而且颜色也像它们一样生动,超过了我们迄今为止测试过的其他竞争对手。功能齐全的应用程序是一个亮点,通过方便的颜色表盘和很多漂亮的额外功能,如动画效果和自动调度日与黄昏模式,以及轻松控制您的灯光。


Lifx gives it a pretty good run for the money, but on the whole, 飞利浦色调 still boasts the best smart lighting platform money can buy. If that matters to you more than the Lifx bump in brightness and color quality, then a Philips Hue bulb is probably worth the extra cash. The newest color-changing Hue bulbs with Bluetooth radios that let you use them without the Hue Bridge sell for $50 a piece, but you can save $10 if you're willing to buy the $90 two-pack.


Sylvania 智能 Plus 蓝牙 LED 是一个不错的预算选择,如果你只是想便宜的东西,将工作与Siri。


如果你只是使用Alexa或Google Home应用程序控制你家的灯,那么Lifx和飞利浦Hue的平台优势就不那么重要了——而且你也许可以买得起便宜的东西。再次,我喜欢Sengled灯泡为Alexa用户,C由GE灯泡谷歌助理用户。每个品牌提供变色的智能灯泡,每件约25美元。

想要比 Lifx 或飞利浦 Hue 产品更便宜的产品,这些产品可与Apple HomeKit 和 Siri 配合使用?查看变色的Sylvania 智能加 LED ,目前每款售价约 26 美元。



当涉及到变色光条时,Lifx也是一个相当明显的赢家,即9.8英尺的Lifx Z光条。它不便宜,但颜色看起来一样好,你会从Lifx灯泡,它能够一次推出多种颜色,这给了你更多的空间来创建自定义场景和动画效果。没有一个顶级竞争对手生产一次可以发出多种颜色的灯泡,甚至飞利浦 Hue 也没有。

阅读 Lifx Z 多色光条评论

The Lifx Z's $80 price is obviously a lot, so I can't say I blame you if you'd rather go with something that costs a lot less. I haven't tested it just yet (and I'll update this space once I have), but 其他值得考虑的选项 is one of your newest options, and it only costs $50. Just know that you'll need a Zigbee hub to control your lights -- Sengled's hub, the SmartThings Hub or an Amazon Echo Plus or Echo Show will all do the trick.



如果您喜欢通过 Siri 控制内容,Sylvania 的蓝牙灯条是不错的预算选择。

The 克里斯·门罗/CNET is even less expensive, and available on Amazon right now for less than $40. It uses Bluetooth to pair directly with your smartphone without need for a hub, and while it doesn't offer native support for Alexa or Google, it does support Siri. It isn't as bright as Lifx's strip and it only puts out one color at a time, and the Siri voice controls were occasionally laggy in my tests, but it's a reasonable budget pick for HomeKit households, especially at its current price.



如果你有一个硬连线的光,你想能够自动化,你可以交换灯泡为智能灯泡 -或者你可以只是变聪明的东西在开关。如果交换机同时控制多个灯泡,则这种方法特别经济高效。

CNET 智能家居测试的所有智能交换机中,我们最喜欢的是 Lutron Caseta。Lutron 是照明通道的支柱,其智能开关使用称为"清晰连接"的专有信号。这意味着他们需要 Lutron Bridge 才能连接到您的路由器,但好消息是,Clear Connect 与无线协议一样快速可靠。

除了强大的性能,Lutron 的 Caseta 开关有多种颜色和设计,除了此处看到的可调光版本外,您还可以获得标准开/关开关挂式遥控器可用作第二个开关对于三向设置,音频控制开关与 Sonos 同步以及用于自动安装吊扇的风扇控制。如果你真的想做大,你可以添加Lutron的豪华自动色调到你的设置。太。无论你选择什么,这一切都与几乎所有东西都兼容:亚历克萨,谷歌,Siri,Nest,IFTTT——你叫它。

阅读 Lutron 卡萨塔墙内调光器开关

If you like the idea of a smart switch that is compatible with everything, but would prefer something that doesn't need a hub, then take a look at the 其他值得考虑的选项, which uses Wi-Fi to connect directly with your router. Its elegant, touch-sensitive design looks snazzy without calling too much attention to itself, the app offers lots of helpful automation controls and it works with just about everything, including Alexa, Google, Siri, Nest and IFTTT. It's also a little less expensive than when it first launched, and currently available on Amazon for less than $50.

查看亚马逊上的 WeMo 调暗器



如果你想全力以赴与智能照明- 也许为游戏室或儿童室 - 那么你可以考虑改变颜色的LED灯面板为您的墙壁。总部位于多伦多的一家名为Nanoleaf的初创公司首先获得了三角极光面板。现在,它还提供方形、触摸感应的纳米叶画布面板。

面板可以显示各种动画效果,包括包含数百个用户创建的选项的库,这些选项可以免费自行尝试。它们还具有内置麦克风,可随您正在收听的任何音乐或正在播放的任何游戏,在节奏中进行动画处理。您可以通过点击和切换它们,在预设之间切换,在基本面板上内置按钮,但他们也支持通过 Siri、Alexa 和 Google 助手的语音命令。

在 CNET 上阅读更多内容

与 Nanoleaf 的瓷砖不同,Lifx 瓷砖可以同时推出多种颜色,这使得制作定制设计变得更加容易。


At the moment, Nanoleaf's main competitor is Lifx, which offers its own color-changing, square-shaped wall panels called 其他值得考虑的选项. The five-tile starter kit isn't as expandable as Nanoleaf's, but the advantage is that each Tile can put out tons of colors at once, which opens the door to lots of really neat effects.



在 CNET 上阅读更多内容

飞利浦 Hue Tap 是一款梦幻般的小智能遥控器,每次按下按钮时,它都会为自己供电。



My favorite of the bunch, though, is the 飞利浦 Hue 的用户在配件选项方面最为受宠坏。除了Aurora(Amazon之外,您还可以在设置中添加飞利浦 Hue 的无线调光遥控器,或者移动传感器 - Hue 提供室内和室外版本。 . It's a circular remote with four buttons that can trigger specific lights or specific Hue scenes (if you have a Hue Bridge, it can trigger Apple HomeKit devices, too). The thing that makes it truly great is that it powers itself using the kinetic energy of each button press. No batteries, no recharging -- just finger power. Best of all, it won't break the bank -- you can get one right now for about $40.

If you like that finger-powered approach, but would rather have it in a light switch design that you can mount in your wall, then check out the 飞利浦色调水龙头, previously known as the Illumra. Like the Tap, it needs no batteries or wires., and comes with four programmable buttons that also support Apple HomeKit devices.


从 RunLessWire 单击智能开关


One other remote worth mentioning -- the Nano叶遥控器是一种同类的单一智能家居设备。. It's by far the most unique that I've tested, with a 12-sided, dodecahedron-shaped design with a built-in accelerometer and color-changing LEDs. To use it, you assign different Nanoleaf scenes or HomeKit automations to each side, then trigger them by rotating that side to the top (you can also dim your Nanoleaf panels up and down by rotating it on your table top).


$80 在亚马逊


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