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There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to smarten up the lights inside of your home -- the convenience of automation, for instance, or the novelty appeal of color-changing lights. You have 比以往更加智能照明选项, largely thanks to the fact that lights like those make a great complement to popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. But what about outdoor lighting?


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Feit 的蓝牙 HomeBrite LED 有多种形状和设计,包括右侧的防风雨 PAR38 形泛光灯。


对于大多数人来说,美化家庭户外照明的最简单方法是将旧灯泡换成新灯泡,具体来说,云连接灯泡与内置收音机同步,与家庭网络同步。如果您选择选择此路线,包括可通过 Wi-Fi 或蓝牙直接与您的手机或路由器连接的选项,您将找到数量最多的经济实惠选项。

使用 Zigbee 等不同无线协议的灯泡需要您将集线器连接到可转换信号的路由器。Zigbee 兼容选项包括飞利浦 Hue Bridge亚马逊 Echo Plus以及WinkSmartThings等名称中的智能集线器。

If the bulb you want to smarten up isn't directly exposed to the elements then you should be fine picking whichever bulb you like, but if it's going to have to stand up to rain or snow, then you'll want to stick with weather-rated bulbs wherever possible. Feit makes one such smart bulb, 亚马逊回声加 that sells at Home Depot for about $25. Philips Hue has 眨眼 available as well -- look for it in a $50 two-pack.


Features will vary depending on which bulbs you go with. Some, like the 天气等级的泛光灯 and the 了解更多:, will serve as generic lights that you can add to an existing smart home platform, then control remotely or automate to turn on at specific times. The cost for bulbs like those? Typically less than $15 each. Expect to pay more if you want bulbs that connect directly with your home network over Wi-Fi, or that change colors.

克里连接 LED


西尔瓦尼亚智能加 Zigbee LED



Most basic models that just offer simple automations and remote on/off functionality can be had for less than $50 each. Of those, I like the 如果你的户外灯在家里有一个开关,那么你可以换出来一个智能开关,像这样的,Ecobee开关加。 and the Kasa Wi-Fi Light Switch from TP-Link. Both work with a good variety of third-party platforms, including Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant for voice controls. Also: Neither one requires a hub.

Spend a little more and you'll find options like the 克里斯·门罗/CNET, which features built-in sensors for motion, temperature and ambient light plus built-in Alexa voice controls. Make the swap, and you can automate your back porch light and add Alexa controls into the back room while you're at it.


贝尔金韦莫灯开关 生态蜂开关加 Philips Hue's newest smart lights step outside -- but...





For instance, say you've got a floodlight fixture wired above your garage. Swap it out for the $250 克里斯·门罗/CNET, and you'll enjoy smart, motion-activated lights paired with an HD night vision camera you can monitor from your phone. 

This April, look for Ring to expand its lineup of outdoor light fixtures to include 智能夹具. All of them will sync with Ring's security system and video doorbells. 


2019 12照片

New options this year also include 放大图像, which range in price from $50 for a white-light, lantern-style Hue Inara fixture up to $280 for a three-light, color-changing Hue Lily spotlight starter kit. Unlike Ring's, Hue's lights work with Apple HomeKit, so they might be a good option if you're interested in controlling your lights via Siri.

However, note that none of those Hue fixtures features built-in motion sensors of its own. Instead, Philips offers 这款飞利浦 Hue 户外传感器和 Inara 夹具总共将花费 100 美元。 that tracks motion, temperature and ambient light. Available now, you can sync it up with any of those Hue lights for $50.

飞利浦 Hue 的户外灯具阵容



飞利浦 Hue、Lifx、GE、戒指等:2019 年,许多新的智能灯即将推出

36 张照片



在高端,飞利浦 Hue 的户外灯系列包括这些变色的卡拉路径灯。环中新的运动激活路径照明选项也正在进行中,并且成本应该更低。

Another color-changing option: 飞利浦, which look like little lighthouses for your yard. A base kit with one light and the power supply costs $130, with additional lights selling for $90, so they definitely don't come cheap, but they're an option worth considering, especially if you've already bought into Hue's well-established smart lighting ecosystem.

And again, if you're more interested in outdoor security lighting than in color control, then consider waiting until April, when 具体来说,我指的是路径照明。除了智能之外,还有很多好看的装饰选择,包括太阳能灯,不需要你打破延长线。但是,如果您倾向于升级,您应该知道您拥有越来越多的智能替代方案。 launches. They'll be the least expensive Ring products to date, with step lights starting at $18 each and path lights starting at $30 each.

对于智能的多色灯光,看起来不错照亮一条小路或花园,请查看Sylvania的花园点初学者套件,在亚马逊售价70美元或更少。灯光使用 Zigbee 进行通信,因此请允许我提醒您,您需要从WinkSmartThingsAmazon Echo Plus来控制它们。尽管如此,它们还是使户外美学升级变得相当容易。

Update, March 18, 2019, 11:00 a.m. ET: Adds up-to-date information on new options from Philips Hue, Ring and others.    

飞利浦 Hue 的卡拉路径灯
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